Seriously America, enough is enough

Staff Report

The American way of life is under attack by gun wielding Americans.

And the only response to those gun-wielding Americans who enter our schools and slaughter the future of America, is offer our thoughts and prayers, feel sorry for the poor sap who murdered innocent lives and hope it never happens again.

This response is morbidly disgusting and unacceptable.

We offered our thoughts and prayers for Sandy Hook, we offered our thoughts and prayers for Mattoon and we offered our thoughts and prayers for Columbine, and yet nothing we prayed for has been done.

In fact, the only thing that does repeat are the very shootings that took lives too soon and ruined the families who we are told need time to mourn and therefore nothing can be done.

This cycle has become the norm. While school shootings become an everyday occurrence, the rest of us become numb to the fact that crazy serial killers have a right to purchase an AR-15.

Thus, in an attempt to protect those crazy serial killers and those who cannot contain and suppress their inherent anger we point the finger to the people or the victims saying, “why weren’t they prepared,” and “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” pretending that the problem will just go away like an incessant rash.

But the problem remains and the victim blaming continues. Meanwhile, the people who should be blamed and held accountable continue to run their campaigns with blood on their hands that the NRA wipes off with a sizable check.

So we fight a little, we get mad, we stage protests and walk -outs but nothing happens and that vicious cycle continues, with the NRA pulling the ropes.

However, this time is different because this time instead of feeling bad that this happened and feeling sorry that those kids will never get the chance to ask someone to prom or drive a car for the first time, we are angry and tired.

We are tired of the empty promises and the turning cheeks. We are angry at the politicians who allow the NRA to buy them like a devil buying someone’s soul. The time to answer our own prayers is now.

Gun control does not mean an attack on the American people, it means the American government is finally taking responsibility and answering the prayers of the families as far back as Columbine who wish they could see their loved ones just one last time.

Please, stop worrying about who is going to pay for your seat in Congress and worry about defending our future.

Please, do something.