“The Wiz” to be shown Friday night

Andrew Paisley, Campus Reporter

Students can enjoy a movie while learning about influential musicians during a screening of “The Wiz” on Friday.

“The Wiz” will be shown by the University Board at 7 p.m. in the Buzzard Hall Auditorium.

Before the film begins, a presentation about different African-American musicians who have shaped the culture of music will be given.

“The Wiz,” a remake of “The Wizard of Oz,” is a musical film made in the late 1970s starring an all African-American cast.

Jordan McLaren, vice chair of the UB, said they chose to tie an event to the movie to get more people participating.

“Our biggest problem we have is not many people want to come out just for a movie,” McLaren said. “That is why we chose to have a presentation before the movie, which will show the history of African-American musicians and how they evolved through the music industry, going from jazz music to rap music.”

McLaren said each audience member will be given a fact sheet with different information and a sheet with different questions about the movie.

“When the film is over, each person who has filled out answers to each question on the sheet can turn it in to us,” McLaren said. “Everyone who turns in a sheet will be awarded a gift basket.”

Tony Talley, public relations coordinator for the UB, said “The Wiz” is a perfect film choice for African-American Heritage Month.

When the movie was made, it was some time after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, Talley said.

“People were starting to become more accepting of one another, which is always a great thing to promote on campus,” he added.

Talley said students can learn, decompress and wind down after a stressful week of school at the movie showing.

“I think that it will be a good learning experience for sure,” Talley said. “I know that it will be nice for all of us to kick back and enjoy this very entertaining movie.”

McLaren said the UB chooses to show a film each month that is somehow related to that particular month.

“Next month, we hope to show a movie related to women’s rights because it is Women’s History Month,” McLaren said.

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