Black Jeopardy to be held Tuesday

Andrew Paisley, Campus Reporter

Students can take a different approach to learning about African-American heritage at the Black Student Union’s “Black Jeopardy” game.

“Black Jeopardy” is set for 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday in Coleman Auditorium.

Claude Abdoulaye-Pedila, secretary for the Black Student Union, said this game is a different approach to teaching students the importance of African-American Heritage Month.

“Often, people have so many definitions of what African-American Heritage Month is,” Abdoulaye-Pedila said. “By participating in Jeopardy, students will be able to get a better understanding of this, as well as be able to test their knowledge.”

K T Kelley-Morton, vice president of the Black Student Union, said not all of the questions will be about history.

There will be multiple categories of questions during Black Jeopardy, including music, movies and fashion.

“This will be a fun, interactive game for students to get involved in,” Kelley-Morton said.

Kelley-Morton said it is important for students to increase their knowledge of African-American Heritage Month in a fun way.

“I hope that students actually have fun at the event,” Kelley-Morton said. “We want students to know that this topic is not something you can only learn about in a classroom, so we wanted to come up with a fun, relaxing and interactive twist for everyone.”

Parrish Amos, parliamentarian of the Black Student Union, said the goal, besides teaching students more about African-American Heritage Month, is to engage them in this event.

There is no registration necessary to participate in Black Jeopardy.

“We strongly encourage people to just show up,” Amos said. “Once participants show up, we will start to divide them into teams.”

Amos said this is not something that the Black Student Union came up with to bore students.

“I intend for everyone to have a blast at Jeopardy and be able to leave there knowing more about African-American Heritage Month, while also feeling that they truly enjoyed the event,” Amos said. “What better way to have fun than playing Jeopardy?”


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