Living in the spotlight is not easy

Andrew Paisley, Campus Reporter

People often believe that it is so fun to live in the spotlight or even be famous. I am here to tell you that in my experience, it is not always a blast.

Growing up, I have lived my life in the spotlight. My dad was a hard working attorney who eventually ran for state’s attorney of Christian County and later became a judge.

I absolutely loved campaigning for my dad. It was so much fun walking in parades, attend different events and functions across the county and meet so many people.

The hard part about this is everyone is watching you.

I have so many people who think that because my dad is a judge, I can get away with practically anything. I can assure you this is not the case by any means.

I will say that I have never gotten into trouble with the law but that is not because of my dad’s position. It is because I choose to follow the law.

I also had people in school who had to go in front of my dad in court. Because they did not like him, they took their anger out on me.

I may be my dad’s son, but I have no say or association with the crimes and wrong-doings that other people commit. My dad is simply there to do his job. If you cannot follow the law, then that is your problem.

Also, because of my dad’s position in society, I have to work extra hard to set a perfect example.

There are things I cannot do or say because of my dad’s job. By no means do I resent him for that. I respect my dad for who he is, but I want people to understand that living this kind of life is not always fun and games.

Looking back, I would not change who I am or the people I am related to. I love my dad and I think he has done a terrific job of standing up for my community and our citizens. 

I wish people would understand that because of my relationship with him, I cannot control the outcomes of their trials or their court cases. 

I also want people to understand I do not always have it easy. I am not the so-called “spoiled brat” that everyone thinks I am.

Sure, I have had it easy in some ways of my life. I have never been poor or wanted for anything.

Have I taken this for granted before? Yes, in some ways I will admit that I have. But as I have gotten older, I have realized that other people out there have it much worse than I do.

I often find myself not thinking about going to my parents to ask for money or being able to buy the nicest clothing. But for now on, I have vowed to take into consideration when I do these things how fortunate I truly am and lucky as well.

Andrew Paisley is a junior journalism major. He can be reached at 581-2812 or at [email protected].