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It is important to be well-informed

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It is an absolute shame that as college students we find ourselves reminding other college students that high school shenanigans and attitudes should remain in high school.

It is pitiful to witness 20-something-year-olds (and even people who are much older) partake in nonsense drama, giving their best input on he-said ,she-said discussions that are irrelevant in any current situation and only damage relationships with peers. However, it is evident that individuals all over the campus thrive on this type of lifestyle.

Instead of prioritizing responsibilities and paying attention to news that matters, such as the recommendations that affect everyone on the campus, many of us waste our time talking about the latest gossip that only distracts from the real and valid information in our lives.

That is why, without any implication of doubt, the staff at The News strongly advises those individuals who fit the above description to grow up and start paying attention to the important things on this campus and life in general (though that varies from person to person).

Yes, it is true that no one wants to grow up and take on responsibilities because it is incredibly hard, and we realize that after awhile it seems as though those responsibilities become unbearable.

We understand that it is easy to want to give up, and we also understand that the petty gossip is a form of escape from reality and can also function as a way to make oneself feel better about their own life. But that is not the answer.

Given the current state of Illinois and consequently the university, now is not the time to indulge in nonsense drama, but rather we should set out to inform ourselves and focus on current topics that are constantly changing the university in the present and future.

For example, we feel that everyone, especially students, should know about the final recommendations that will be posted by the Workgroup Review Committee, the university’s FY17 and FY18 budget and how enrollment numbers will look in the near future.

Even if all you know is a brief summary of everything, this is vital information that is important to every individual on this campus because this is a working and thriving community. Instead of trying to tear one another apart, we should keep up with the latest university news that is meant to bring us all together.

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It is important to be well-informed