Freshmen to share registration date with sophomores

Koy Wilson, Contributing Writer

Beginning in the spring semester, freshmen and sophomores can register for classes in the same week.

Previously, sophomore registration opened a week before freshmen registration.

The new policy change was suggested by the Committee on Retention Efforts, which is responsible for looking at retention rates for freshman and sophomores and figuring out how they can remove potential barriers to their success.

Registrar Amy Lynch said the new policy was tested last semester and received a lot of positive feedback.

“We checked with the advisers and got lots of positive feedback; it gives (advisers) more time to meet with their students,” Lynch said.

With the success of the trial, Lynch said the Committee on Retention Efforts decided to make this a permanent change for the fall and summer registrations.

The change will give freshmen three weeks to register for classes before the deadline instead of the previous two weeks.

Karla Sanders, executive director of the Center for Academic Support and Assessment and a member of the Committee on Retention Efforts, said members of the Committee on Retention Efforts suggested this policy change to also give freshmen more time to go back to talk to their advisors in case problems arise, such as scheduling conflicts.

While the policy would benefit freshman, some sophomores think this policy could make this process more inconvenient.

Erin Shulk, a sophomore biological sciences major, said she was unhappy with the change.

“As the higher year in school, (sophomores) should have an extra week to register early since we have been here longer,” Shulk said. “I would be extremely upset if I tried to register for a class and it was full because freshmen filled it up before I got the chance to sign up for it.”

Kate Mushinsky, a sophomore communication disorders and sciences major, shared similar feelings and said the extra week for sophomores to sign up made sense.

“We have the seniority, so this policy change is great for freshmen; however, (the change) makes life more difficult for sophomores,” Mushinsky said. “The incoming students to EIU will be happy with the change, however, it does not benefit any of the current students at the university.”

With spring break interrupting the semester, Sanders said this change also gives an extra week for administration to send out reminders to students regarding registration and when to meet with their advisers.

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