Perspective is everything

As we nestle into a special nook somewhere in some bare, cold spot in the library, we begin to pray to whatever higher entity can help us through the long week of final to make sure we pass.

At that familiar moment we plead and beg for some type of salvation and make promise upon promise of performing better next semester so long as we have the chance to pass this one while maintaining a decent standing.

However, while you sit there struggling to keep your eyes open even after your fifth cup of coffee, just remember it could be worse.

For the purpose of this editorial we will focus on struggles each of us face when it comes to classes, therefore we naturally know college is difficult for some people (we also know that is a complete understatement). On the other hand, we applaud those peers who have nailed the whole “staying ahead” in classes and passing because it seems as though that is a rare breed.

Yet despite the difficulty it may bring and the struggles each of us face with our overbearing classes and tremendous work load with extra curricular activities or working for a living, we want to offer our peers just a bit of optimism during their time of intense study or playing catch-up.

Regardless of the type of struggle we may encounter we all have to remember that at any given situation things could be worse.

It is hard to consider the glass as half full at this point in the semester especially if we feel that we are so far behind in that one class or just cannot seem to get an A on any assignment in that other class.

But, no matter how hopeless it may seem, at least we are all in school and have something to complain about.

Everything we own could be lost, we could be hungry, illiterate, cold, homeless or worse dare we say.

There are a number of things that could go wrong but the only thing that should matter is the fact that we are attending a university and making ends meet.

Victory is not achieved without struggle. It is the struggle that shapes our lives and makes us stronger.

College is only temporary and the struggles that some of us face with classes and waking up to go to classes will pass. This is all worth it in the end.