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The flexibility of fine arts

Jalen Massie, Contributing Writer

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Nothing is more satisfying than realizing that you have made an impact on others.

Satisfaction of this degree came to me in the form of what once used to be a daily hobby and is now something I want to pursue as a career.

Many of us do not realize that we have done it, but we have made the fine arts the black sheep of academic subjects. A painting or drawing can get away with being inaccurately interpreted without immediate consequences, whereas subjects like mathematics or any of the applied sciences are a lot like staring death in the face. If something in these fields is not fully understood, then our chances of survival in our universe and on earth are lowered.

In simplest terms, it is a straightforward game of “Know it or die,” and if one is not right the first time, it is just too bad.

During my time as a student at Eastern, I have slowly developed a grand understanding of my own personal goals and artistic philosophy. As I work on becoming a graphic designer, I have begun to form a deep appreciation for my freedom to create pieces that may or may not accurately represent ideas and/or circumstances of reality in accurate ways.

To grasp the scope of what I mean, take a second to grab a calculator and try to divide by zero. Of course, you will get an error—that is obvious, but that is not important. If you find yourself able to imagine what making that “error” looks like as a process … a painting … a drawing … then you too should begin to embrace the imperfections that exist in our reality.

Jalen Massie

Contributing Writer

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The flexibility of fine arts