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Committee making suggestions, not decisions

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With it being a few weeks since meetings of the Workgroup Review committee started, The Daily Eastern News staff thinks there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The committee’s focus, lately, has been on the 13-week semester schedule. While this is interesting, and the two weeks students have free could be used for projects or opportunities students do not have during the semester itself, there is no guarantee that students will actually take advantage of this.

It also begs the question of whether or not work can be condensed into this timeline in a way that will still be effective. It looks like the committee is asking the right questions when looking at this proposal, as they are taking into account both its implementation and feasibility, according to statements made by Billy Hung at a recent meeting.

While these conversations about potential schedule changes are important, it is also good to remember that they are just that- conversations. Just because someone says they like a suggestion made by Workgroups No. 7 or No. 8 does not mean it will necessarily happen. The purpose of the review committee is to make suggestions, not make decisions.

Nothing has been set in stone. It is still valuable to write and report on, because it shows the direction the committee is going in. Knowing what the committee is talking about also leads to discussions and conversations the university will go in.

Since the meetings have taken place, we have already seen these kinds of discussions and comments

That being said, we hope the committee will take into account every kind of student and employee who works and lives on this campus. Of course, there is no recommendation that will work for everyone, and in the process of changing the university there will be someone left unhappy with some aspect of the changes made.

All the same, it is a committee made up of all faculty members. There is a good variety of faculty members on the committee, with ones from various areas, but they are all faculty members all the same. What is feasible for a faculty member might not be feasible for staff, and vice-versa. Even two different faculty members will be able to handle a schedule change differently.

This could have potentially been a problem, or a blind spot in the committee’s radar.

However, it seems like the committee is cognizant of this fact.

We at The Daily Eastern News commend the committee for getting feedback from a student perspective in the form of Student Body President Luke Young, who was at a recent meeting. We also appreciate the fact that they have said they want to invite members of the staff senate to give their perspective as well.

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Committee making suggestions, not decisions