Student Senate discusses campus app

Samuel Nusbaum, Contributing Writer


Student senate heard a presentation about the PantherLife App and an upcoming business success presentation during their meeting at the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union Wednesday night.

The presenter of the PantherLife App was Jeremy Alexander, interim associate director of Housing and Dining. In his presentation, he showed the senate how the app was laid out and all of its possible uses.

“We wanted to create an app that allows students to get a little bit more connected to what is going on campus,” Alexander said.

Alexander said because the app is in the App store and Google Play store, he wants it to be accessible to students, friends, family and people who are interested in the university.

He said he wants the app to have all the information a student will need to be able to succeed, this includes having a calendar with events on it students can use to RSVP.

“A major component of the app is to make sure that people are aware of the events that are happening on campus,” Alexander said.

He said the development team has tried to get PROWL events on the app and is trying to get student run organizations involved as well.

The app can track what students are interested in and recommend events based on a student’s viewing history.

Alexander said there will also be a campus directory students on the app can access to be in touch with people who can help them succeed academically.

Kevin Flasch, student senator and head of the Business Affairs Committee, reminded the senate of his committees’ upcoming event “Keys to Success in Business” which will be held Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Charleston Mattoon Room in the Union.

Flasch and his committee got two speakers to talk at the event, former Jerry’s owner Jerry Myerscough and Jerry Esker, President and CEO of Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital. They will speak on what makes them successful and have a meet and greet afterwards. Snacks will be provided.

Speaker of the Senate Will Outzen reminded the senate the next meeting will be a paper meeting due to the Governor’s Race Forum. He also said the next “First Thursday” is going to be Nov. 2. It will be held in the food court due to the changing weather.

“I do not want to freeze to death,” Outzen said. It will be from 1p.m. until 3 p.m.

Student Body President Luke Young said the senate elections for senate seats are coming up. Most of the senators are up for re-election with election packets being available starting Nov. 2 and are due Nov 10 at noon. Elections will be on Nov 16.

Unofficial results will be on Nov. 29 and official results will be on Dec. 6. Senators are required to have at least 50 signatures from the student body.

Rebecca Cash, student vice president of Academic Affairs, thanked the senators for coming to her second Prowlin’ with the Prez event, “Pumpkins with the Prez.”

Forty students attended and the Latin American Student Organization won with the best painted pumpkin.

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