Marty’s buys Panther Paw

Bailey Taylor, Contributing Writer

With the new ownership to the Panther Paw bar, the Eastern and Charleston community can expect to see a few changes in the future, though the new owner said he will keep some events that are popular with customers.

Mark Jackson, the owner of Marty’s bar, purchased the Panther Paw recently.

Tate Jackson, son of Mark Jackson, is currently in charge of the Panther Paw since it came under new ownership.

Jackson said that at least for now, he plans on keeping the name of the bar the same.

Other changes have already come for the Panther Paw, however, with one being some new speakers.

Michael Roggenkamp, an employee at the Panther Paw, said the speakers are a major upgrade from the previous ones they had before.

He said he thinks that there will likely be other upgrades to the bar.

“I think changes definitely needed to happen and considering how successful Marty’s is, I think this is a good thing,” he said. “I’m definitely looking forward to see how the Paw turns out with the new ownership.”

Jackson said the Panther Paw is planning on getting some new bar equipment to help make things easier on the staff. He said he also wants to get some new pool tables.

Along with the new speakers, Jackson said he wants to get more sound equipment to help change the vibe of the bar.

“As things progress, I would like to create a more lively environment centered around our main stage so that we may capitalize on more live music and DJ performances,” Jackson said.

Roggenkamp said it would be nice to use the space that the Panther Paw has around the stage.

The bar also plans to continue Trivia Tuesday nights, which is something the Panther Paw has been known for with the students and the community for some time.

This is a relief to some Eastern students, as they were worried that the trivia night would be taken away with the new ownership.

Taryn Linke, senior communication disorders and sciences major, said she is really happy that they are keeping Trivia Tuesday because she has been going ever since she turned 21.

Linke said she does not go too often because of schoolwork coming first, but she loves to go when she has the opportunity.


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