Pumpkin painting competition to be held

Samuel Nusbaum, Staff Reporter

The last Prowlin’ with the Prez event for the semester will be a pumpkin painting competition, with Eastern President David Glassman serving as the judge.

“Pumpkins with the Prez” is scheduled from from 5 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. on Monday in the Library Quad. Rebecca Cash, student vice president of academic affairs, said it is a pumpkin painting event instead of pumpkin carving because there is a higher chance of injury with the knives needed to carve the pumpkins. Cookies and cider will be offered as snacks.

The contestants can take the pumpkins home with them, though they will have to decide on who gets to take it home as participants will be placed in teams. Cash said Glassman likes to get people who do not know each other to work together at these activities so friendships can be forged. During Prowlin’ with the Prez, Glassman also gets a chance to talk to students to learn about them and hear any possible recommendations they may have to make the campus a better place for students, Cash said.

Cash said she is thinking about doing another Prowlin’ with the Prez event next semester around Valentine’s Day, but is not sure yet what she will do.


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