You are not alone, you will never be alone

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

Editor’s Note: The columnist is not referring to anyone in particular, it is a hypothetical situation based on what on what the columnist has experienced in her life.

Procrastination is slowly creeping up in ranks as my only demise.

I do it to myself though, by putting off work until the last minute. When I do finally do it, I am either hyperventilating and on the verge of contorting myself into a fetal position in some far off, filthy corner or on the brink of self destruction because it is too late to turn anything in.

No one else can be conveniently blamed for this unfortunate and rather common occurrence except for the individual who commits the crime.

The only thing that seems to never fail in my life is how I sacrifice my opportunities and potential because I am too drained to even finish anything when it is supposed to be finished.

Granted, I do have my reasons that lead to my life draining exhaustion, but that does not excuse the fact that I fervently practice the art of procrastination.

Before you start thinking that there is not a point in this column except to rant and seek pity among peers (for the record I do not want anyone’s pity), let me just say this: I am not alone and neither are you.

I know that somewhere on this campus sitting in their dorm or apartment is a very stressed individual who feels like the world is coming to end and constantly blames themselves for missing assignments or calls themselves inept for not being dare I say, “normal.”

See, for several weeks now, while I am putting out a paper in the newsroom, I hear what seems like never-ending emergency reports on the police scanner that involve some sort of heart wrenching suicide threat.

My heart breaks when these calls come over the static infused, black device because I know what that individual is going through and I know they feel alone and stuck in this hole that seems to grow deeper and darker with every passing minute.

Now, I know not everyone will read this column and I know what I am saying might not even be helpful but as the semester slowly draws to end I want to let that individual hiding behind their constant and beautiful smile that you are not alone.

You are amazing.

You are intelligent.

You are strong.

You are significant, kind and caring.

But most importantly you are loved and you would be surprised by how many people want to help you get through this.

Talk to a trusted friend or relative, someone who will listen instead of judge or tell you “ah, it is just a phase.”

Also, do not be afraid to visit Eastern’s counseling center or call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255 for confidential support at any time, day or night.

Please, do not give up. You made it this far so do not let procrastination devour your life, like I tend to do.

I know it feels like that is easier said than done and I know you feel as such with every fiber of your being but trust me, your life is worth it and you are meaningful.

Analicia Haynes is a junior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]