Take control of your time, life

Staff Editorial

As the days turn into months, it is easy to allow time to escape from your clutch.

As students, we recognize that time is of the essence and therefore to waste it doing mundane tasks is unbearable and has consequences that we may not particularly care for.

As a result, with so much going on at once and such little time to finish it in, we also recognize the complexity of trying to remember to do every little thing thrown our way.

Whether those things are calling home, doing an assignment or making it to a meeting on time every time, we have this desire to finish everything and do it right.

Unfortunately, what we neglect to realize is that we are not superheroes and cannot do it all.

That is where simple tasks evolve into stressful problems that could have been avoided just by writing the task down and making it a priority.

What may seem like meaningless tasks, like remembering to call your best friend from home or relaying a message to a friend from another friend, are very important. Maybe not to us, but to the other people involved.

So when we do not accomplish these minor duties to ourselves and to our peers especially we create this persona that portrays us in a negative light. We look unreliable, irresponsible or lazy when in reality that was what we were trying to avoid in the first place.

Our actions and lack of acting affect other players in the game of life and as we mature we have to remember to keep that at the forefront of our minds.

When you take on so many different responsibilities and struggle to keep track of it all, you are hurting yourself and everyone around you.

Remembering to do the tasks you placed on your plate should be easy, especially when it is enough to handle. You can write everything done and you learn to prioritize each independent task.

We recommend using a sort of daily planner or even a journal to write down a list of everything that needs to be done.

Plus, there are several resources on campus such as the counseling center that can help you manage time and establish small goals that will help you stay focused.

Also, refrain from loading your days with one job after another. Limit what you do for others and pay more attention to the stuff that matters, like going to class versus going to a meeting for a registered student organization. Make things work for your benefit and do not be a push over to everyone else. This is your time, and not to mention, you are paying for it.

Most importantly though, make mental stability your top priority and learn to say no; then everything else will fall into place.

Take control of your own life and become the reliable person your mother wanted you to be, because in the end your word is all that matters.