Sean says: It really is a small world

Sean Hastings, Sports Editor

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Clichés get tossed around all the time—ones like “It’s a small world,” or “It came full circle,” etc. And recently, those two sayings could not be more true.

Let us rewind three years back to when I was a freshman.

I am a senior now. I pretty much hung with same crew then as I do now.

And the bonehead shenanigans were already in full go.

I will not take the time to tell all of the shenanigans we pulled, because I do not have enough time or energy to talk about that.

One specific instance just came back into light after happening three years ago.

My friend Dwight was a Lawson Hall tour guide his freshman year, and by nature, my friend Gary and I, who I have talked about plenty of times, took advantage of that.

It is kind of a weird story.

So Gary and I were both in the bathroom when we heard Dwight giving a father and son a tour of the building.

A high school senior was scouting out the places to live for his freshman year, only months away.

Anyway, we heard Dwight walking around the floor and lucky for us, and unfortunately for Dwight, his room was right across from the bathrooms.

Gary and I quickly thought of a way to mess with Dwight while he was supposed to be the responsible college kid showing a future Panther what it is like to live in the dorms.

We start screaming, way too loudly, “Dwight, it’s happening again. Help, help, Dwight, please come, it’s happening again.”

An obviously confused father and son, probably terrified as to what was happening to the tour guide’s floor mates, curiously asked, “Should you go check on them?”

Dwight knew what was going on and immediately responded with “No, they are fine.” He was feeling a little embarrassed as this Eastern visit for this senior took a wild and uncomfortable turn.

Dwight never came to help.

Because there was obviously nothing wrong with Gary and I, and nothing was “happening again.” For whatever reason, that was the funniest thing we could come up with on the spot.

True comedians.

There is no way of knowing every single person on campus, or remembering everyone you meet at the start of your college career, or in this case, your tour guide when you were a senior in high school.

Except—it is a small world after all.

Just the other day Dwight was talking with co-workers, when a friend of one came and sat with them in the Union.

“Hey I know you,” he said.

The student, now a few years into his college career, had reunited with his tour guide who gave him the strangest tour possible.

And, of course, he has not forgotten that day when two unknown kids screamed in the bathroom for help and that “something was happening again.”

He said he and his dad still have a good laugh over that to this day.

The kid is a Panther now, just like the rest of us.

However, he decided not to live in Lawson his freshman.

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