Board of Trustees to talk regulations

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The final reading of a revision to the Board of Trustees’ regulation on audience presentations will take place at its next meeting Friday.

The revision plans to revise the current procedure an audience member follows when wanting to speak at a meeting.

According to a copy of the proposal, there is a strikethrough in the original procedure that a person follows when wanting to speak to the board.

The proposal plans to add that an individual must “contact the Board secretary prior to the beginning of the Board meeting and provide their name and the subject of their comments,” after striking through “on other than current agenda items.”

The proposal also eliminates everything else after the added statement, which includes section a through section b, which states, “Persons desiring to address the Board on current agenda items shall submit: (1) their name; (2) phone number and email address; (3) mailing address; (4) name of group represented; and (5) the topic to be addressed to the Board chairperson prior to the time allotted for public comment.”

Also on the agenda is a statement on Board Responsibilities for Intercollegiate Athletics.


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