SVE creates student-veteran community

Brooke Schwartz, Contributing Writer

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Although relatively unknown, the Students and Veterans of Eastern work to provide connections for student veterans that might be feeling lost or alone.

This organization was designed specifically to help student veterans or military affiliated students, but the SVE is also open to any student on campus who wishes to provide support or build connections.

SVE president Paul Higgerson said SVE provides students affiliated with the military a community they can relate with. He said relating with others can be difficult after active military service.

Higgerson said he wants to help student veterans, “find the connection that a lot of times people struggle to get.”

To accomplish this, a Welcome Back Social will be held, in partnership with ROTC’s Leadership and Excellence Club, From 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 14 at the Campus Pond.

Adam Griffy, the vice president of SVE, said another important service of the SVE is to keep up the sense of camaraderie one experiences during military service. He said the group also helps deal with the feelings that accompany leaving active duty.

“You sign up for the service of your country and that doesn’t end just because you’re here,” Griffy said.

Although this organization has existed for a while, just last year it consisted of just one person. With 190 student veterans on campus and online, Higgerson hopes more visibility this organization can keep growing from its five current members.

SVE is planning to hold two meetings every month. The next meeting will be held at 11 p.m. on Sept. 27 in the Martin Luther King Jr. Union’s Oakland Room.

The SVE also hosts the annual Veterans Day ceremony. This ceremony is generally 30 minutes long and includes a speech from both President Glassman and a student veteran.

Higgerson said, “instead of the benediction, kind of substitute a student who can deliver a poem or a reflection.”

Any submissions should be emailed to the Military Students Assistance Center at [email protected] by Nov. 10.

Higgerson said the submission process aims to get more students involved and excited about SVE activities.

Griffy also mentioned the value of helping veterans, goes beyond their wellbeing and betters the community.

“We like to help,” Griffy said, “that’s why we joined the military in the first place.”

With an increase of new members, both Higgerson and Griffy said they hope to be able to provide more resources for not only student veterans, but also the Charleston community.

“We’re trying to bring people together,” Griffy said.

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