Quidditch tournament sign-ups continue

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Quidditch tournament sign-ups are ongoing this week. The tournament is set for 4 p.m. on Friday in the Library Quad.

Quidditch is a fictional sport played in the “Harry Potter” book series.

Chelsea Duncan, a kinesiology and sports studies professor and the one organizing the tournament, said there are currently only eight people signed up so far.

“So far our numbers are kind of low,” Duncan said.

However, she said there is still time to register by going to the Booth Library website and clicking on the events and exhibits page.

Duncan said although a typical Quidditch team has seven members, if the number of people signed up does not increase, they may have to combine “Houses” to play the tournament.

There are four Houses that participants can play on as teams: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw.

Duncan said she is available to answer any questions about the tournament through her email at [email protected]

Students can also register through email if it makes them feel more comfortable, she added.

“The link on the library site will ask all the required information for signing up,” Duncan said. “If (students prefer) to sign up by emailing me, they will need to include of the house that they want to play for as well as the position they would like to play on the team.”

Duncan said the original fee of $7.50, which would have been used to buy team T-shirts, has been dropped, so anyone can register for free. Buying a T-shirt is still an option for students who want one.

To place a T-shirt order students can email Duncan or place an order when they sign up to participate online.

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