Students say ‘goodbye’ to last days of summer

Brooke Schwartz, Contributing Writer


Students can come say goodbye to the last of the sunrays with the Summer Spin-Off from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday in the South Quad.

The event, which is hosted by the University Board, will feature tie-dye, spin-art Frisbees and popsicles.

Sienna Mark, the UB member who planned the event, said that she hopes people will get outside, make some new friends and maybe discover a new hobby. She said being outside and being active is the perfect way to get one last outside activity in before summer is gone.

“It’s just a fun way to get our energy out, to be healthy, and to start the school year off great,” said Mark.

The event is made to hold 200 people at a time, so Mark encourages everyone to head out, even if it is not in their comfort zone.

Mark said this is the first in a series of “make-it take-it” programs the UB plans to hold the first Thursday of every month. She said the overall goal of all these events is to promote a sense of community and the University Board.

Katie Caulkins, vice chair of the UB, said the main goal of the UB is to provide “free, unique and diverse events” on campus.

“We really love to bring free things to the students,” Caulkins said. “In this case, they get to make something, create something that they get to take home.”

Caulkins hopes to provide fun experiences on campus for the students who are not able to drive themselves to activities off campus, she said that the free tangible items are just a bonus.

The UB is also in charge of homecoming and the Eastern Illinois University tradition of the spring concert, which takes place at Lantz Arena.

Caulkins and Mark both encourage students to take a chance and enjoy some of the last remaining days of summer.

“Really University Board is just about trying to bring experiences to students cost effectively because it’s free,” Caulkins said.

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