Have fun but stay focused on your goals

Staff Report

As the sun rises Monday morning, sleepy students will wipe the crust out of their tired and heavy eyes and roll out of bed, dress and make their way to the first class of the day.

For some, the first day of school can be nerve wracking, for others it’s a walk in the park but whatever the case is, the staff at The Daily Eastern News want our peers to remember one thing: have fun but stay focused.

We realize that these words are spoken by many, however we also understand the importance of these words and what they mean especially to freshmen who are dipping their toes into the pool that is college life.

College is a milestone for all of us, so we have every right to enjoy it. But, it is also the step we need to take to ensure our futures are promising. Thus, we want our peers to concentrate in classes, ask for help and utilize the different resources on campus.

Good luck to everyone on campus and remember it is not hard to study and indulge in the happier things in life if priorities are made and goals are set.