Illinois Treasurer to visit Eastern, speaks with Boys State participants

AJ Fournier, Campus Editor

Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs will give an hour long speech to the American Legion Illinois Premier Boys State participants at 8:45 p.m. Thursday in Lantz Arena.

American Legion President Christopher Benigno said since the students of Boys State do mock roles of being state government positions, the program invites someone from the Illinois General Assembly or someone from state government to come in and speak with the students on variety of subjects.

He said those subjects range anywhere from leadership and leadership roles, to what it is actually like to work in a state government role.

This year, Benigno said Frerichs will talk about his experience as Illinois treasure, what lead him to the position and how he participated in Premier Boys State as well.

He also said Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner sent a video to show to the students, since he will not be able to attend.

In the video, Rauner congratulates the students on finishing the camp, gives a brief description of what it is like working in state government and he says he wishes he could attend, Benigno said.

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