Stevenson to see renovations in July

Chaela Krueger , Entertainment Editor

Renovations to the Stevenson Tower lobby, including new flooring and updated furniture, are set to start in July.

Mark Hudson, the director of Housing and Dining, said the renovations will cost about $75,000 and come from the housing budget. Money from state and tuitions fees will not be used.

The project consists of replacing old flooring with a new wood laminate product that will extend to the main desk in the center part of Stevenson’s lobby. New carpet will also be added on each side of the lobby.

After recovering old furniture multiple times, employees in Housing and Dining  decided to replace it with more modern furniture throughout the lobby, Hudson said.

The new furniture will include swivel/tilt chairs and end tables where students can charge their mobile devices. These tables will be placed in Taylor and Thomas Halls as well.

“We needed a more modern look, so with the furniture and coordinated color scheme, it has a warm, homey feeling,” he said.

The grand piano, pool table, Ping-Pong table and other popular amenities will remain in Stevenson Tower.

A display case next to the elevator has a drawing with examples of the  new furniture, fabrics and flooring that will be used to update Stevenson.

Also new for Stevenson this year will be mixed-gendered suites.

Students living an benefit from the updated wireless connections they installed last year.

This construction will work around the various summer camps housed in Stevenson Tower.

Stevenson’s last major renovation was in 2010, with the addition of the dining centers and  carpet in the suites.

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