Last provost candidate proposes connectivity


Justin Brown

Justin Brown | The Daily Eastern News Dr. Sibdas Ghosh met with students and Eastern faculty and staff Tuesday in the Tuscola/Arcola Room. Ghosh, currenlty Dean of the school of arts and biology professor at Iona college in New York, is the final candidate to visit Eastern.

Chrissy Miller, Administration Reporter

The final provost candidate Sibdas Ghosh showed plans to put students first if he is elected for the position, in both the student and faculty forums.

Ghosh said he was inspired to enter higher education because, growing up in India, his mother was not allowed to be educated past fourth grade, so when she had children, she stressed the importance of education. He said she did everything she could to make his education possible, even teaching him eighth grade math.

Gitaben Boghuru, a computer technology international student, said lifestyle has been an issue when adjusting here. She said she would like to see some more cultural events and wanted to know what Ghosh would do to make international students feel more welcome.

“My first semester was in New York.” Boghuru said. “(Eastern is) totally different than New York and Indian lifestyle.”

Ghosh said bringing different students’ cultures to Eastern would help make a more welcoming community.

“Faculty and staff would join in for a cultural event,” Ghosh said. “Hold a cultural event, show what you have, and make them appreciate that different cultures bring different values.”

Biological sciences professor Britto Nathan said he acknowledges Ghosh has lots of experience. However, he said application of this experience would be more important than anything else.

“Can you tell us in some broad strokes, what are your plans for Eastern?” Nathan said.

Ghosh said he wants to establish a deeper connection between faculty and students. He said he also wanted to highlight existing strengths through student, faculty, and alumni testimonies.

“How do we become distinct? It’s not that we have a lower class size or that we have this lab, that lab,” Ghosh said. “But it’s what types of programs you do have.”

History professor Ed Werhle said the faculty is ready to help Eastern succeed in any way they can. However, he said he is curious what Ghosh would do under current financial constraints.

“I think faculty are ready to get engaged, and go out to high schools and do whatever it takes,” Werhle said.

Ghosh said using the resources available more effectively may solve this issue. He also said dispelling rumors about Eastern closing is essential.

“We need to tell our story, you cannot be on fake news,” Ghosh said.

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