Student Senate focuses on elections, Rec center

Chrissy Miller, Administration reporter

The Student Senate talked about upcoming elections and giving money back to the Student Recreation Center at its meeting Wednesday.

Elections for next year’s positions will take place next week. Candidates will run for executive board and general senator positions.

Student Body President Catie Witt said her role in elections this year is a bit different from what it has been in the past because she is graduating in May.

Witt said she is watching to make sure everyone follows the rules, and she is getting the election commission together. The senate has found one member and is now looking for four more to join the commission.

“It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m ready to just graduate because school and doing this is like an extra job, but it’s bittersweet because it’s been great,” Witt said. “The hopes I have for the new student body president are for them to be able to take every opportunity at full swing, don’t get too caught up in the moment, and just sometimes take a step back and realize how fortunate you are to have that position and all the opportunities you get.”

Derek Pierce, student vice president of student affairs, about the apportionment board that allocates student fee money.

“Previously, the structure was eight students and three faculty members and we’re now trying to move it to an all-student board because all the fees are paid by just students,” Pierce said.

The idea was presented before the Faculty Senate, who seemed to agree with the idea, Pierce said.

Student Senate member Will Outzen said the senate also tabled a motion to give allotted funds back to the Student Recreation Center, which will be voted on at the next meeting.

The funds were previously frozen because of the budget impasse.

“Last term before I was here we agreed to allocate money to the (recreation center) to replace equipment and update their system. There was an equipment freeze. The funds were put back,” Outzen said. “Now that the equipment freeze is lifted, we are going to re-give them the money.”

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