Jock and Roll to be held Monday

Sean Hastings, Sports Editor


The Eastern athletic teams will be competing  as they are used to, but will be competing against each other. Monday is Eastern athletic’s annual Jock & Roll in the Grand Ballroom in the Martin Luther King Union.

The competition will get underway at 7 p.m. Not all the teams will be in the competition. Teams that will compete for sure include the women’s soccer team under the act name “The Bachelorette,” the women’s tennis team under the name “Mannequin Take Over,” the volleyball team as the “Thing’s Girlfriend’s say,” men’s soccer as “Torito,” women’s basketball team as “Carpool Karaoke.” The softball team is also planned to perform but did not have an act name yet. The women’s swim team may also put an act together, but it is not official yet.

This year’s Emcees will be men’s swimmers junior Shamus Shields and freshman Ethan Wallace.

A goal of Jock & Roll is to send a military veteran to the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament. The veteran will still go even though neither the men nor the women’s basketball teams will not be playing.

This year’s military veteran the money will be raised for is Justice Long. He has 2.5 years in the Army Reserves as a Private First Class. Long said he contacted the ROTC on campus as a Cadet with the intention of serving as an officer in the active component of the Army after graduation next year.

He is a native of Rantoul.

Long will also try and attend the Jock & Roll event.

The Panthers hope to raise $800-$900 this year as the minimum amount to send the veteran to the tournament is $500, but junior women’s golfer Anne Bahr said the athletes always like to strive for more.

The teams raised about $700 in last year’s event. There is a $3 admission charge at the door. There will also be popcorn free of charge, but donations would be appreciated, Bahr said speaking on behalf of the event.

The women’s basketball team took home first place honors last year. The team re-enacted popular vines.

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