Student Senate votes on allocations

Mallory Kutnick, Campus Reporter

The Student Senate passed a movement Wednesday requesting that faculty lose their voting power about the allocation of student funds on the apportionment board.

With the approval of Lynette Drake, interim vice president for student affairs, the three faculty members on the apportionment board will lose their ability to decide where student funds will go.

This will leave the eight students on the board in charge of the allocations.

Derek Pierce, student vice president for student affairs, said the funds will go to the Student Recreation Center, the University Board and the Student Government.

Student funding, after all, should be controlled by the students, he said.

“The whole job of the Student Government is representing the student body,” Pierce said.

The faculty would still be on the apportionment board and be able to voice their own opinions.Also at the meeting, the Student Senate swore in new members and oriented them with their regulations.

They also played a team-building game in which pairs had to work together, back-to-back, to pull Post-Its from other pairs’ backs.

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