“Dark Girls” shown for African-American Heritage Month

Molly Smith, Contributing Writer

A documentary on the attitudes and biases dark-skinned women face, “Dark Girls,” will be shown as a part of African-American Heritage Month.

“Dark Girls” is set to start 7 p.m. Thursday in the Phipps Lecture Hall of the Physical Science Building and will be followed by a discussion panel.

Maya Lee, president of EIU Fem, said the group’s main goal is to empower women and focus on intersectionality.

She said EIU Fem chose to show “Dark Girls” because it brings to light issues that African-American women face.

The film focuses on struggles such as self-esteem issues that women of color have, and will also touch on the multi-billion dollar business of skin bleaching creams, which darker-skinned women of color sometimes feel the need to use to keep up with beauty standards.

Lee said she thinks the film teaches viewers about the dialogue on colorism, or discrimination against those with darker skin.

“It is an overlooked issue in the black community, so we want to start a conversation on this so hopefully we can open people’s minds,” she said. “…The point of the movie is saying that the treatment that dark women face is unfair because people are beautiful no matter their shade of skin.”


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