Meet the 2017 Miss Black EIU Contestants


Justin Brown

Julianne Adegoriolu, 2016 Miss Black EIU, center, chats with President Glassman and contestant Milove Streeter during a meet and greet for the 2017 Miss Black EIU contestants in the Martin Luther King Jr. Union. Adegoriolu, the “pageant mom,” is in charge of prepping and shaping the new contestants to ensure they are prepared for the pageant along with being great leaders on campus.

Chrissy Miller, Administration reporter


Contestants for the 2017 Miss Black EIU Scholarship Pageant hosted a meet-and-greet in the Martin Luther King Junior University Union to celebrate the 46th year of the pageant.

The contestants have been working with Miss Black EIU 2016, Julianne Adegoriolu, since September to prepare for their competition on Saturday, Feb. 25th.

Adegoriolu said the historical relevance of this pageant makes it important to her.

“Years ago, a lady was running for Homecoming Queen and she won on EIU’s campus. She was going to be the first black homecoming queen for EIU’s campus. However, because of the color of her skin, they took her crown from her. They said they wanted a recount,” Adegoriolu said. “So, Black Student Union created Miss Black EIU to lay a platform for all black girls to show them we have our queens on campus and we honor them.”

Contestant Torri Franklin, a junior biological sciences major, said after joining the BSU last year and seeing two pageants, she was inspired to compete this year.

“I think I embody my blackness because I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of everything I do,” Franklin said.

Nia Douglas, a junior family and consumer sciences major, said it is an honor to make history by being a part of Miss Black EIU.

“Everything that there is to gain from this experience starts as soon as you go to your very first practice,” Douglas said. “You meet these new people, you’re opening up another side of you that you have hidden away.”

Briana Wesley, a junior health promotions major, said she has found herself within this pageant.

“Meeting seven other girls and having this pageant family has been really nice,” Wesley said.

Paisley Adams, a senior Spanish major, said she has wanted to be a part of this pageant since she was a freshman.

“One thing I definitely learned is self-love and to love who I am as a beautiful African-American woman,” Adams said.

Milove Streeter, a junior kinesiology and sports studies major, said this is her first time participating in a pageant.

“The main reason I chose to be a part of this pageant it to get out of my comfort zone and to heal from my past and to live in my peace,” Streeter said.

Fudia Jalloh, a senior FCS major, said her dedication and work ethic make her a good candidate for Miss Black EIU.

“It’s been a long journey, but it’s been a good one,” Jalloh said.

Amanda White, a senior sociology major, said it has been exciting participating in Miss Black EIU because of the experiences she has gained.

“It’s been stressful times, but with the help of my pageant family I have been able to push through,” White said.

Justice McGruder, a junior psychology major, said she joined the pageant to become less shy.

“You really have to be dedicated. You have to practice outside of practice,” McGruder said.


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