Column: Early rising and late classes go hand-in-hand

Alex Bonnot, Staff Reporter

Since I was very young, I was always an early riser. Waking up for school at 6:30 in the morning was no problem because I would already be getting up around that time anyway. So, when I got to college I decided that earlier classes had to be better. Starting earlier would allow me to get done with my responsibilities earlier, that way I could have the rest of my day to myself and any errands I needed to run.
After many a semester running around to early classes, I thought I had the system all figured out. Go to class in the morning, go to work after, go to the gym after that, find time to eat in between and then relax after I was all done. So, when I found out that all of my classes would either be night classes, or would not start until noon, I feared that I would have no time to do anything after my classes ended.
This semester taught me otherwise.
Then the semester started and I figured that instead of waiting to go to the gym until after I get out of class, I would go really early and have time to eat and shower before class. Once I finished all of that, I had a lot of time left over, so I decided to run a bunch of errands before class. When I was done with that, I still had almost two hours before my first class started, and for the first time, I really understood why later start times are better.
For a long time, I assumed that the only reason people liked taking classes at later times was because they liked to sleep in, and while that may be the reason for some, I now know it is not the reason for all.
Finally, I was able to really get everything done in the morning and still have time to spare for myself. Before, I would frantically try to fit gym time into my schedule because I was so worried that I would not have enough time to do homework. Now, I go to the gym first thing; that way I do not have to worry about it later in the day.
Before, I felt super worried about relaxing after the gym because by the time I would get out and eat it would be about 7 PM and I would need to be working on homework. Now, I have time to spare after the gym and I even find myself looking for stuff to do.
So, if you are like me and think that early classes are the only way to go, I urge you to try later class times. Your early rising will allow you to find time to do other things you like to do before class, and you can do them without worrying you will fall behind.


Alex Bonnot is a senior English language arts major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].