New RSO presidents look forward to semester

Mallory Kutnick, Campus Reporter

Each semester brings a fresh start with new classes, blank notebooks, empty binders and for some, greater responsibilities.

Such is the case for Alex Sandack, Tanmay Pant and Hannah Miller, who face their first semesters as presidents of their respective registered student organizations.

Pant, a graduate student studying sustainable energy, presides over the Association of International Students.

The Association of Information Technology elected senior management information systems major Sandack last semester.

Miller, a graduate student majoring in family and consumer sciences, leads Big Brothers Big Sisters, a mentorship program for local children.

Miller and Pant previously served as vice presidents for their respective RSOs, and Sandack was a recruitment chair and member educator for Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

“I feel exhilarated by the opportunity provided to me,” Pant said. “I am confident I can lead AIS with responsibility.”

Pant has been a member of her RSO for a year. Sandack has been in his for two and Miller has been a part of hers for four.

“I thought it would be nice to end my last semester on campus by taking on the role of leading the organization,” said Miller, who has mentored a child (her “Little”) for two and a half years. “Seeing the impact I had on her life made me want to help those children that are still waiting (for) a Big… I grew passionate about mentoring these children and giving them fun events to attend.”

Pant, from India, said it warms his heart to know the AIS is able to assist international students like himself.

Sandack’s goal for his RSO is to prepare members of the AITP to become desirable candidates in their chosen fields.

Miller hopes to recruit more male members to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“We have several boys that attend each event, and it would be nice for them to have more male mentors to connect with,” Miller said.

Pant said he wants to increase AIS participation, get more domestic students involved and provide guidance for new international students.

“I expect to create more recognition for AIS by hosting more events that cater to multiple cultures and have participation from more students,” he said.

Sandack and Pant each ran for president against two opponents while Miller ran unopposed.

“The process was somewhat scary for me,” Sandack said. “I’ve held leadership positions before, but nothing like this. The summer prior (to) beginning my term, I was brainstorming ideas constantly. I’m still in the process of implementing some of them.”

Sandack worked with his predecessor and advisers to earn the presidency, and Miller and Pant gained experience while serving as vice presidents for their RSOs.

“During my stint as the VP for AIS, I acquired the necessary skills…to lead and (organize) many events throughout the semester,” Pant said. “I have held other organizational (roles) during my undergrad and I think I have the skills required to be the president of AIS.”
As of last semester, Eastern students ran over 160 RSOs, including 45 Greek societies, 14 athletic groups and a “Game of Thrones” club.


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