Faculty Senate talks vitalization transparency

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter


The Faculty Senate passed a resolution saying they rely on Eastern President David Glassman’s assurance that profit/loss sheets are only going to be used as one measure of data to critique programs within the vitalization project at its meeting Tuesday.

The profit/loss sheets show a department’s revenue and expenses.

Faculty Senate chair Jemmie Robertson said he and vice chair Jeff Stowell met with Eastern President David Glassman to talk about the draft recommendations from the various workgroups taking part in the vitalization project.

Robertson said he has only seen the draft recommendations for his department, which is music. He said the recommendations are only sent to the chairs of the department they are aimed at.

“We hoped there would be time for an adequate discussion with Glassman after Dec. 15,” Robertson said.

Dec. 15 is when the final reports for Workgroups no.1 through no.7 are due.

Workgroup no. 7 is the workgroup the senate is most interested in because it focuses on undergraduate academic programs.

The senate is concerned about transparency in regards to the vitalization project.

In the resolution, they wrote that they affirm the principle expressed by Glassman that the quality of academic programs and their “centrality to the overall mission of the university are vital” to any assessment of their value.

Senate members talked about the possibility of calling a special meeting so they all can weigh in on and make their own recommendations to the workgroups’ requests. Robertson said they want to make sure the faculty has a chance to give their input.

The elections committee found a volunteer to take the place of Debra Reid, who is leaving the Council on Academic Affairs next semester.

This semester is Reid’s last at Eastern.

The proposed replacement is biological sciences professor Yordan Yordanov.

Glassman introduced the vitalization project during his State of the University Address. Its purpose is to guide planning and budgeting decisions on campus and make changes to programs and services.

The vitalization project consists of nine workgroups, which each concentrate on different areas such as athletics or academic programs. Each workgroup has turned in drafts of what they recommend for different programs to the administration for review.


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