City Council approves intergovernmental agreement

AJ Fournier, Contributing Writer


The Charleston City Council passed a resolution approving an intergovernmental agreement with the Houston Galveston Area Council to start working with a cooperative purchasing group.

When the city does choose to buy items such as Emergency Medical Service equipment or vehicles for public works, there will be different vendors provided by the cooperative purchasing group to look at getting the best price for the city.

The Houston Galveston Area Council would give the city a list of vendors that will work with that purchasing group.

Charleston Mayor Brandon Combs said this group will save the city money when looking to buy different equipment.

“There is no cost or commitment to the city, and we can save money on equipment for the city such as (for) Parks and Recreation or Public Works,” Combs said.

Combs said the city has not bought anything yet and is just getting started with the agreement.

Another approved item was an amending ordinance, which will provide rehabilitation within the Tax Increment Financing District.

Combs said the TIF receives money that is paid back through taxes.

Then the financing district pays half and the city pays half for work to get done for the city.

The ordinance asks for an extension to complete building renovations at 503B Jefferson Avenue.

Combs said they are still trying to get the building done since someone is interested in it. However, they need to get all the necessary renovations done, such as making the bathrooms ADA accessible in order to allow the owner to lease or sell the property.

Also passed was a resolution asking to change the insurance for city personnel from MetLife to Sun Life Financial. Combs said that it would not change anything for people who have life insurance, but will be around $2,300 cheaper.

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