Student ambassadors gain internship opportunities

Samantha Barileau, Contributing Writer


Student ambassadors in the College of Business have the chance to develop skills and access exclusive internships.

These ambassadors are a volunteer group who conduct tours for prospective students as well as assist in events around campus.

Faculty members and previous student ambassadors recommend new students for the ambassador position.

The adviser for the student ambassadors, Kathy Schmitz, said the ambassadors are not given a minimum of events to help out at, so they end up putting more dedicated work into volunteer opportunities of their choice.

“They are the experts in the School of Business,” Schmitz said. “They can talk to prospects about how they use the building.”

Schmitz said the ambassadors are a good representation of the college and other departments would benefit from having them as well.

Sarah Cowger, a senior management major, said being an ambassador has helped her connect with her professors and get to know the building better.

“It is so rewarding, and it is a great way to give back to EIU within our major,” Cowger said.

Cowger became the intern for the Lumpkin Family Foundation. She said it helped knowing the background of the foundation and the school from being an ambassador.

Schmitz said another student ambassador was able to become a Fletcher intern, which is an opportunity open only to ambassadors.

The Fletcher internship was created by a donor to the college for a student to be recognized for leadership. The paid intern performs many tasks, including managing the social media accounts for the college.

Eric Bruce, a senior finance major, said he is gaining valuable skills from the program such as how to work with others as a team, learning how to relate to potential students and comforting parents.


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