CAA discusses study abroad, downsizing

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter

The Council on Academic Affairs discussed study abroad courses and downsizing itself at its meeting Thursday.

The CAA also voted to add a new course to the psychology department’s course catalog. It is called Cross Cultural Psychology and will focus on how culture influences thought, feelings and behavior. The vote passed unanimously.

During the meeting, the CAA looked at revising its bylaws to allow it to downsize. The group wants to do this because it is having a hard time making quorum.

They also are looking to downsize because it will take pressure off the members who sit in on other committees.

Chair Marita Gronnvoll made the proposed changes. If passed, the CAA would become a group of eight members, with the new quorum being six members.

The members would consist of four members from each of the colleges as well as four from the faculty at large. They will also drop the number of students who are allowed to participate as well.

The number used to be three students with voting privileges picked by the Student Senate, but the proposed changes will see the number drop to one student with voting privileges.

This change was proposed because the CAA has never had three students be a part of it.

The CAA discussed reviewing a study abroad report and looking at how the syllabi are formatted to determine if it fulfills all the requirements it needs to.

Gronnvoll said study abroad courses are treated as special topics classes and are not in the regular course catalog and therefore, do not fall under the CAA’s jurisdiction.

The CAA decided it would put one of its members on the international committee, so it can have a set of eyes on the syllabi to make sure they are up to standard.

“We do not want to slow the process down, but we need to at least see the syllabi to ensure rigor,” Gronnvoll said.

The CAA also heard their final program review from the theater department, given by J. Kevin Doolen, the department chair.

Doolen said the department secured good standing with the National Association of Schools of Theater.

A few of the changes the department has seen include gaining a new scene shop manager and a new department chair.

“We are among the most diverse majors… for which I am proud,” Doolen said.

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