Faculty senate seeks transparency

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter


The Faculty Senate raised concerns about workgroup transparency and discussed the search for a new provost during their meeting Tuesday.

The workgroups the senate talks about are part of the vitalization project, which was introduced by Eastern President David Glassman. This project involves workgroups who look at different areas of the university to see what could be improved, what needs more resources, what could be outsourced and what could be eliminated. During meetings, the groups have been compiling and discussions recommendations for their areas, which they gave to Glassman, the vice presidents and unit leaders Tuesday.

English professor C.C. Wharram spoke about the profit/loss sheets, which are sheets that look at the finances of the various departments on campus. They show each department’s revenues and expenses.

Wharram said the workgroups’ minutes were not necessarily clear as to what was going on in the meetings.

It was decided by the senate that Faculty Senate chair Jemmie Robertson would ask for the reports the workgroups sent in to Glassman.

“Hopefully the president will promote a share of governance with Faculty Senate so we can evaluate the decision-making process,” Robertson said.

Other topics discussed during the meeting included the search for a new provost to replace current provost Blair Lord, who is retiring and filling in vacancies in the Council on Academic Affairs.

A narrowed-down list of potential candidates for the position will be interviewed between January and February.

In February an even narrower list will be interviewed and a candidate will be chosen in March.

The CAA is still in need of replacements for its members. Members are looking for a secondary replacement for someone who cannot be in the council.

The CAA is also looking for people to stand in for the CAA chair Marita Gronnvoll as she goes on sabbatical and history Debra Reid because she is leaving the university after this semester.


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