Delts Gold defeats SAE to open intramural football

Dillan Schorfheide, Intramural Football Reporter


 Monday night marked the beginning of the flag football intramural season at Eastern, and one game was close and decided by six points.

The 6 p.m. game at the intramural fields on Eastern’s campus ended with the home team, Delts Gold, beating the away team SAE Gold by a score of 14-8.

On the first drive of the game, Delts Gold got themselves into a quick first and goal situation, and after three plays of incomplete passes scored on a touchdown pass. The team went for an extra point but could not convert the play

SAE Gold got the ball for the first time after the touchdown, and on their second play threw an interception.

After the interception, Delts Gold was in a good place to get a quick score, but the team got to fourth and goal and lost the ball on a turnover on downs.

SAE Gold followed the turnover on downs with three first downs to a first and goal. On the second and goal play, SAE Gold’s quarterback threw another interception and killed the team’s drive.

With only a few seconds left in the half, Delts Gold ran one play and went into halftime with a 6-0 lead.

After the halftime, SAE Gold got the ball first and went nowhere with their drive. The first down play went for no yardage, and after a sack for a big loss the team went for it on fourth down and gave Delts Gold the ball after turnover on downs.

Delts Gold used the defensive stop on fourth down to motivate their offense to get a score. After two straight incompletions, the team got a touchdown on a pass play. They went for two extra points and converted the play.

Facing a 14-0 deficit, SAE Gold started to play with a bit more desperation. On their next possession, they converted a fourth down play for a first down on a quarterback scramble. The very next play the quarterback threw his third interception of the game.

Delts Gold lost the ball on another turnover on downs on their possession, and SAE Gold used it to score a touchdown on a fourth down pass play. It seemed as if the team was back in the game, but the referees ruled no touchdown because the receiver’s flag was tucked in his shorts when he ran into the end zone, which made it harder for his flag to be grabbed.

On Delts Gold’s third possession of the half, the quarterback threw an interception that SAE Gold’s defense returned for a touchdown. The team went for two and converted the extra point play.

Delts Gold then went four and out and punted back to SAE Gold with 39 seconds left in the game.

With a small window of time to tie or win the game, SAE Gold ran one quick play before throwing a Hail Mary pass that fell incomplete, giving Delts Gold the victory.

Defense was a key part of Delts Gold’s victory, forcing two turnover on downs and grabbing three interceptions, all recorded by corporate communication major Josh Arguello.

“It felt good [to get those interceptions]. It was a hard game with good defense,” Arguello said. “It’s fun, you get out of class, something to do. Instead of showing up at the rec and playing basketball, come out here and play football. It’s fun, I had a good time.”

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