Band to rock out Mac’s Uptowner over weekend

Carole Hodorowicz , Verge Reporter

The band "Chromophonic" performing a song at Rafe Fest in Waterloo IL. The band is making way to Charleston Friday.
Submitted by “Chromophonic”
The band “Chromophonic” performing a song at Rafe Fest in Waterloo IL. The band is making way to Charleston Friday.

Returning for the second time, “Chromophonic” is ready to capture the ears of listeners at Macs’ Uptowner this Friday at 9:30 p.m.

Five men are responsible for the “bodacious high energy, groove-oriented, funk-influenced rock ‘n’ roll” music.

Lead vocals and guitar are powered by Ben Heller, Jesse Payne is the lead guitarist, the keyboards belong to Roger Fliege, Daniel Comer masters the drum set, and the bass belongs to Guido Calrissian.

“Chromophonic was born from a series of break-ups,” Calrissian said.

Heller, Fliege, and Clarissian were in a band together called “Orismo” for three years.

After that broke up, along with Comer’s band Blue Confusion and Payne’s band Copecetic, they decided to come together

. Music played the heartstrings of Calrissian, Payne, and Heller at a young age.

Calrissian said he would play his dad’s acoustic guitar with a music book in front of him, pretending he could play and read the music.

“I started playing bass because no one else wanted to,” Calirissian said, who officially picked up the instrument his freshman year in high school.

Payne credits music for keeping his head above water throughout a rough childhood.

“It was probably the only thing that kept me afloat through a rough upbringing and still keeps me smiling as an adult,” Payne said, who leaned on guitar and metal music for support.

Influence ran in the family for Heller, who had older brothers that played guitar.

“As I grew older and got more familiar with music in general, it became a large part of who I was, which influenced me to get better and do something with it,” Heller said, who dove straight into performing in his late teens with friends.

“Music has a very close relationship to emotion,” Heller said. ”Sounds promote feelings, and feelings are something every person gets to experience.”

Collectively, the band said they are excited to return to Charleston and share this experience with an audience appreciative for live music.

“I love the feeling I get when a song really hits home for the audience, but I also love the feeling when things go right on stage between the band,” said Heller.

Calrissian said his favorite thing about performing is that he feels like he is released from the world around him. “Losing yourself in a groove only to find that ten minutes have passed in a blink is a very Zen like feeling.”

Altogether, the band says that what makes them different is that they always try to be themselves.

Fliege’s ultimate goal for the band in long run is simple and inspired by a quote from a member of Spinal Tap: “Have a good time, all the time.”

If students, locals, and any other fans that are interested in listening to Chromophonic but cannot attend the show, music is available on their soundcloud:

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