Music, art fill ‘Night of HOPE’


Olivia Swenson-Hultz, Assistant Photo Editor

People were brought together with music and art to celebrate a good cause at “Night of HOPE” Friday evening at Jackson Avenue Coffee.

The night was filled with musical performances and artwork donated by various artists.

Throughout September, people could stop by the JAC and donate artwork and actionable items such as gift baskets to be sold at a silent auction to benefit Housing, Outreach, Prevention and Education.

HOPE is a nonprofit organization that provides shelter, education, legal assistance and more to victims of domestic violence.

There was an array of art pieces available, from ceramics to beeswax baskets to a diverse selection of paintings.

All proceeds from these purchases will go towards providing food, housing and support for people being affected by domestic abuse.

A wide range of music was performed throughout the night.

Musician Reverend Robert started the night off with some blues and jazz, followed by AM Radio, who played some soft alternative rock covers. Afterwards, Tequila Mockingbyrd took the stage, playing some rock ‘n’ roll. Motherlode, a three-part acoustic band, provided the crowd with some folksy, bluegrass jams to finish up the music for the night.

Twenty percent of the JAC’s regular sales for the day were also donated to HOPE.

Jo Stauder, a senior sociology major who donated artwork, said the turnout was pretty steady throughout the night.

Althea Pendergast, the executive director of HOPE who also sings and plays the stand-up bass with Motherlode, said the goal for the night is to bring as many people in as possible with their music.

“We’ve played together since the beginning of ‘Night Of HOPE,’” Pendergast said.

Danielle Braiding, a patron of the JAC, said the fundraiser could help a lot of people.

She said many people there were “personally affected by these issues, and can seek relief in ‘Night of HOPE.’”

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