Family Weekend can still be fun without family

Cassie Buchman, News Editor

The campus has been abuzz lately. Like the coming of any big weekend, organizations and individuals are getting ready for the fanfare of Family Weekend.

The Verge is chock-full of activities and articles to serve as a guide for navigating this chaotic time.

The University Board has some family-friendly events planned, and everyone I know is talking about the plans they’ve made with their mother, father, brother, sister, third-cousin-twice-removed, etc.

However, many students aren’t making these same plans, or looking forward to everything happening this weekend.

There are many reasons some students don’t have family to visit them this weekend. Maybe you or your parents work and couldn’t get these few days off. It might be too far of a drive, or too out of the way.

In some cases, a rift in the familial relationship might mean you’re without a family to be with this weekend. While this might feel lonely, this in no way means you’re alone.

Think back to the last few years of being away at college. Whether it’s through being a part of a registered student organization, off-campus club or through random college experiences, it’s possible to find a group of friends to spend the weekend with.

Maybe these former strangers become people who feel like family, despite not being related.

Or maybe they’ll just give you a chance to hang with their own family to feel included. Whatever is the case, take the weekend to appreciate the friendships and people who you’ve made your family at school.

Even if you’re completely alone because your friends ditched you because they’re hanging with mom and dad this weekend, well, it is the weekend.

Instead of moping in your dorm or apartment the whole time or doing the same things you would do on any other weekend, take advantage of all the activities offered.

There’s volunteering with a fleece blanket service project, a football game, tailgating, a comedian and an illusionist.

This also is not the only time, or even the last time this year, you will get to see your family.

While Family Weekend is a fun, planned way to see loved ones, making it more convenient for some, there’s only a couple more months before Winter Break, and a matter of weeks between now and Thanksgiving break.

If one is really so inclined, they can even call their family just to say hi, and catch up. A phone call is quick, simple, and it is not that hard to find the time to call someone, unlike the few hours you would have to plan out from trying to find the amount of Family Weekend activities to go to.

And when you do have that extra few weeks and see each other again, it will be that much nicer.

Cassie Buchman can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]