Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’

Aj Fournier, City Reporter

Fede Alvarez (Director of the “Evil Dead” remake) brings another terror story in his 2016 horror movie “Don’t Breathe.”

The movie tells of three burglars, Rocky, Alex and Money who break into a blind army veteran’s house to see if they can find anything of value.

After the homeowner finds out of the invasion, it soon turns into a game of cat and mouse as he locks up any exit for them to escape and despite being blind relies on his other senses to find them.

I give this movie a positive review because if there is one thing I won’t call this movie, it is cliché. The suspense and scares come from the burglars point of view. They were being trapped and chased while trying to avoid death from the blind man who is not afraid to harm them. The movie doesn’t rely on or have many jump scares or gore.

In some ways, this movie is more of a thriller than it is a horror.

You are always on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen to the three burglars, as they run and attempt to escape this house like a maze.

About halfway into the movie is where the plot thickens and starts to turn as the burglars attempt to find an exit.

They discover something that they weren’t prepared to find and it just puts more fear into what they are dealing with.

It almost makes a completely second plot for the movie; another interesting point of the movie is who is the true antagonist? The blind man is trying to kill these characters, but since the three teens broke into his home it raises the question on who is the true antagonist.

Another positive note I give this movie is the performance by Stephen Lang, who plays the blind homeowner. His performance not only convinces you that he is a real army veteran, but that the actor himself really is blind instead of just pretending to be.

Overall, I give this movie a three out of four stars because it offers something different than the usual jump scare supernatural horror movies that have come out recently. And since the jump scares and gore is limited, along with having twists throughout the movie, you know you are getting something different but enjoyable.

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