Column: Support Charleston by shopping locally

Sierra Falk, Staff Reporter

Quenching a shopaholic’s thirst can often entail surfing websites for hours or taking extensive trips to the city, but how convenient would it be to shop in stores just down the street?

By shopping locally, your purchases not only contribute to the Charleston economy, but they also give purpose to the thriving Charleston community and attractions of a small town.

“But Charleston is so small! What stores could possibly be here?” you may say. While most of EIU’s student population comes from larger cities that seem to be built for shopping, such as St. Louis or Chicago, stores in Charleston contain for-sale items that are unique to each independently owned business.

These businesses are so greatly appreciative of those who shop locally. Because of the town’s small population, the businesses often have outstanding customer service and are more willing to satisfy specific customer needs.

The Trendy Trunk, located on Lincoln Avenue inside Co-Ed Hair Salon, is an adorable boutique that sells reasonably priced women’s clothing and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a cute scarf for fall, a dress to wear to a wedding or some new distressed jeans, this boutique has just what you need and more.

With Halloween just around the corner, Grand Ball Costumes Shop, located near the Charleston Square, has many different options for your potential costume. The store carries beautiful and ornately detailed costumes and accessories to complete any Halloween themed wardrobe.

For more personalized clothing items, perhaps monograms or logos of your Greek organization, I suggest visiting the Sewing Salon also located near the Charleston Square. This lovely shop provides services for custom embroideries and designs that add a personal touch to your clothing. In addition to the reasonable costs, the Sewing Salon also provides their services in an extremely timely fashion.

These are just a few of the many wonderful local businesses that Charleston has to offer. Experiencing Charleston has made me realize the impact that independent businesses have on a community. Because I am studying as an education major, I have had the opportunity to come into contact with different families from around the Charleston area. Several of the children I have work with have parents who own their own businesses. When these businesses suffer, it is so easy to realize the economic and emotional impact this has on the entire family.

I truly love supporting these families in the community and the wonderful local services they have to offer. The next time you choose to shop, shop locally.

Sierra Falk is a senior English language arts major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]