Student senate swears in new senators, talks near future plans

Samuel Nusbaum, Administration Reporter


Student Senate, the legislative branch of Student Government met Tuesday night to swear in new senators and divided the senators into their committees.

Maralea Negron, the student executive vice president, talked about the voter registration drive. She said it would take place during the same week, Sept. 19th through the 22nd.

Negron said she is trying to turn it into a campaign instead of a drive.

She said the campaign will also try to inform students of the platforms the political parties are running during the election and how they affect students.

Negron is also thinking of conducting polls to see who students are voting for and see political leanings of the student body.

Negron said she wants student action team to talk to legislators to let Springfield know the students know what is going on with the budget impasse. She wants them to have an impact and described them as an RSO inside an RSO.

Negron said members do not have to be senators but they have to be passionate about informing the student body of what is going on with the budget and other issues students face.

Negron also said she wants to start a new incentive for students to meet and have pizza with police officers as a way for students to get to know the police officers.

“This will kind of help void that gap between students and the police department,” Negron said.

Catie Witt, the student body president, said she will be meeting with the Health Education Resource Center and the sexual assault prevention team to work on ideas for the “It’s On Us” Campaign.

The “It’s On Us” Campaign is a nationwide sexual assault awareness program.

An idea she has includes a picture campaign to show how many different types of people, both men and women, can be sexually assaulted.

Luke Young, vice president of academic affairs, talked about the faculty senate meeting he went to.

He said faculty, staff and students will be part of groups associated with Eastern’s President David Glassman’s Vitalization Project.

Young also said Prowlin’ with the Prez is confirmed for Thursday September 15 at 4 p.m.

“We are going to have minute to win it games and whoever gets the most tickets will be crowned the champion and get the medal,” Young said. “President Glassman will put the medal on them like they do in the Olympics.”

The senate swore in six new senators. This brings the total number of senators to 21 Negron said.

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