Column: Keep clean in residences

Alex Bonnot, Columnist

During the first week, we are all simply trying to figure out our schedules, but going into our second week of classes, students have an idea of how their week will go day-by-day. With that said, it is time to talk about the ground rules for dorm etiquette, or even etiquette for living with someone off campus.

For some, this semester may be their first time away from home as independent individuals, but that is no excuse for not knowing how to be courteous to the people around them.

What is does it mean to be courteous? According to Google, it means to be, “polite, respectful or considerate in manner,” and that seems like a good definition to stand by when one is living with other people.

So let us talk about how you can be considerate to your neighbors and roommates. Remember that your actions will directly affect the people around you, and that especially goes when you are in a dorm and sharing bathrooms with many others. Taking that into consideration, please avoid leaving anything gross in the bathroom.

For example, try your best to flush the toilet and avoid leaving dirty personal hygiene products in places that they do not belong.

I can guarantee that the person who walks in after you does not want to flush for you, and they really do not want to be picking up used razors off of the shower floor.

Before you leave an area, think to yourself, “If someone else were to leave this item behind, would I want to pick it up after them?” Even if you say that you would not care, pick it up anyway because as an independent adult, it is time to start cleaning up after yourself. Your floor mates are not your parents, and it is not their job to clean up after you.

After you have figured out the bathroom situation, do not forget that we also share laundry rooms. Be considerate and take your laundry out in as timely of a fashion as you can muster. Do not leave your clothes in the dryer for 3 days and expect that someone is not going to get a little frustrated. Set alarms so you do not forget, or leave your laundry bin next to the machine you are using so that if you do forget. Then someone can move your clothes if they have been there too long.

This makes your floormates’ lives easier, and you will not have to be picking up your newly laundered underwear off the floor.

For those who have garbage chutes in their buildings, do not leave the garbage just sitting on the floor next to the chute. It does not take much more effort to lift it up and throw it down the chute. It makes the hall less smelly and your neighbors a lot less annoyed.

Finally, quiet hours are in place for a reason. If it is after quiet hours, try your best to be as silent as possible. People may be trying to study or get some sleep for their 8 am class.

Not everyone can stay up listening to music blaring at 2 in the morning on a Monday.

All in all, the goal is to make sure you are being courteous to those around you. Taking little steps here and there can prevent really big problems in the long run.

Alex Bonnot is a senior English language arts major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].