Students find different ways to make time fly

Datasia Lenton, Verge Reporter

Students around campus have no problem with finding ways to keep busy and most importantly, have fun.

With the various Registered Student Organizations on campus and finding personal hobbies, there are more than enough events and activities for students to invest their time in.

Aaliyah Stephen, a senior communication studies major, said she enjoys creating designs as she is currently working on a clothing line.

“Mostly, I just sketch for that and I really just like to write,” Stephen said. Stephen said most of her time is spent doing things for organizations, such as working for the University Board and getting ready for meetings. “We have a lot of events that we do showcase with University Board,” Stephen said. “We try to keep it diverse.”

Pantherpalooza is one of the many events that students do not mind partaking in every year. Isis Sims, a senior kinesiology and sports studies major, said that even though she is a senior, Pantherpalooza has always been one of her favorite events on campus.

“Eastern is always evolving for the needs of the students so there’s always something new for someone to participate in,” Sims said.

She said she feels as though Pantherpalooza is one of the best and most upstanding events Eastern has to offer. Outside of the events produced by RSOs and the university, students often find ways to have fun on their own through the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

De’Ja Dade, a junior theatre and communications major, said she enjoys going to the bowling alley located in the university union.

“The bowling alley feels just like the ones back home,” Dade said.

With any leisure time she may have, Dade said she enjoys indulging in the fun atmosphere, the snack bar and even the arcade games the bowling alley has to offer. Finding ways to spend some time on the weekends does not necessarily have to go toward entertainment. Some students enjoy committing their weekends to community service.

Bria Caldwell, a senior corporate communication major, said getting involved and doing service projects is a way to be productive with time.

“For my sorority, we volunteer on Saturday mornings at (Public Action to Deliver Shelter),” Caldwell said.

P.A.D.S. is a homeless shelter located in Mattoon. Caldwell said there are tons of community service opportunities, especially through the office of civic engagement and volunteerism on campus.

“On the weekend, I would say to look for social types things to do,” Caldwell said.

Although Eastern offers opportunities for students to have fun on campus, this can also accomplished in the comfort of their own dorm rooms. Netflix is a website that streams different TV shows and movies for the entertainment of its viewers. Erin Brooks, a sophomore marketing major, said using the weekend for alone time is the perfect treat after a long week of studying and working.

“When you don’t feel like being engaged with the outside world, binge-watching a new show on Netflix can suffice,” Brooks said.

Brooks said going out on weekends can be fun, but spending quality time alone is sometimes needed. As students bring in the school year, they have found these ways accommodating in spending their spare time.

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