Parking ticket grace period comes to a close


Justin Brown

Eastern Police giving students a grace period before issuing parking tickets.

Abbey Whittington, Associate News Editor


With the first week of classes coming to a close, the grace period for parking without a permit is approaching fast.

Student permits have been available for purchase online through PAWS or at Parking Services since Aug. 1.

Stacy Smith, chief clerk of parking services, said officers will be monitoring the campus parking lots for vehicles without permits starting Monday.

“We will be monitoring faculty and staff lots the first week of classes and all lots will be ticketed and enforced the second week of the fall semester,” Smith said.

When purchasing a permit, she said students need their license plate number for the vehicle being registered along with their Panther Card.

All students are offered a printed campus map with the parking rules and regulations when purchasing their permit.

Purchasing online is the recommended method. There is a two-business day process period then students can pick up permits at Parking Services located at the University Police Department.

“Of course, move-in week and the first few days of classes are the peak times for permit sales but the lines move fairly quickly.”

Parking permits are $100 for juniors and seniors for the entire school year or $50 each semester, and $200 for freshmen and sophomores or $100 each semester.

Before students assume they can park off campus instead of paying for a permit, Smith suggests students think about whether or not they will always find a spot before taking the risk of getting a ticket.

“If a student decides to park in a campus lot without a valid permit, it may result in a citation,” Smith said.

Smith said students should asks themselves if parking will be available to them that is close and accessible during their class schedules, including when and if they are late.

“Each student will need to make their own decision on purchasing a permit, but knowing you have a valid permit to park in a correct lot should be less stressful for our students.”

Parking without a permit in one of the lots will result in a $40 citation, and an improper display of the permit will result in a $5 citation.

Students can also register their bicycles on campus for free to protect their property. Once a student has registered their bicycle, a record of the owner will be put on file.

“It is free and can be very helpful if any issue arises. UPD can match the owner to his or her bicycle,” Smith said.

Those with bicycles should also be sure to secure them with locking devices when they are unattended and always use the bicycle racks.

Many students have also received tickets for parking without permits during times rumored to have little-to-no monitoring by officers.

“Always assume that we are ticketing. One popular rumor to not believe is that no tickets are issued during breaks or finals weeks,” Smith said. “We are monitoring and enforcing parking all year long.”

Smith said the goal for the parking services is to provide students, faculty, staff and guests with a positive experience by making parking as painless as possible.

She also said the main three things for anyone parking at Eastern is to remember to have a valid permit, park in the correct assigned lot and display permits properly.

If anyone has questions about the rules and regulations for parking or bicycle registration, they can call parking services at 581-5416 or stop in Parking Services.


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