Editorial: Represent your school tactfully, gracefully

Staff Editorial

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Knowing how to act in public is a trait that many of us should already have embedded in our systems. Being reminded of it as young adults seems almost juvenile considering that most of us have had our parents indoctrinate us with this trait since exiting the womb.

However, it seems as though tactfulness and classiness have fallen out of style and therefore are easily forgotten.

But why should we possess these tactful and overall professional traits? Some people don’t care about their behavior or actions in public, which is fine. You should be able to express yourself vividly. But what we do not realize is that it is not so much about representing yourself; rather, it’s more about whom you represent.

The staff at the Daily Eastern News feel that as another year starts back up we, as students of Eastern, should remember to act accordingly in public.

Not only do we represent our school, but we also represent our parents and the towns we spent our childhoods in.

It is incredibly embarrassing when one of our peers stumbles out of Marty’s on a Friday night and vomits all over someone’s front lawn.

But it is not just public intoxication that makes the school look bad.

Fighting, thievery, blasting music at three in the morning or leaving empty bottles scattered all over the front lawn: these are all examples of how not to represent this school.

Sure, you make yourself look bad, but imagine what others think about Eastern as a result of your nutty behavior.

Eastern is an accredited institution with an incredible turnout, but when students act in a manner that makes locals feel angry or unsafe, then everything the students worked for is irrelevant.

We are not necessarily saying that students cannot have any more fun and that your bar crawling, drinking, party raging days are over.

What we recommend is that you act within reason.

It is alright to go out, but know your limit. You will avoid making a complete fool of yourself and our school in front of Charleston residents.