Column: A good first impression can make a difference

Analicia Haynes, Managing Editor

First impressions can either make or destroy a person’s reputation.

Oh sure, it is easy to brush it off and say you already know how to make a good first impression, and why should you listen to yet another bit of advice that will only go through one year and out the other?

But therein lies the problem. Some of us are so convinced that we know everything and the slightest bit of advice is insulting.

What we do not know is that a first impression is the gateway to how the remainder of the year will go or how someone thinks of you for the rest of your life. A bad first impression can sneak up on you when you least expect it.

For instance, I made the error of telling my resident assistant that I would attend the second hall meeting after missing the first.

Of course, I knew I had to work that night but I figured I would take a break and make an appearance for the sake of my reputation and her opinion of me (not that it matters, but I digress.)

Well, the day and the meeting came and went, and I did not go.

Granted, I had a valid excuse (work), but excuses hardly matter. What matters is that the person who can help me with troubled residents or give me a good reference thinks I am irresponsible.

The simplest things can be considered as a first impression, like picking your nose when you think no one is looking or dropping an F bomb when you think no one is listening.

I am not necessarily saying to be an outstanding citizen every minute of every day because Big Brother is watching.

Just think before you act. Do not just be prompt to class and responsible for your actions and so on and so forth. Be conscious of the environment around you on top of all that, because in the end everything is connected.

When you leave a lasting impression, believe it or not, people remember you. And when people remember you, they know who to recommend or who to count on.

In other words, make the first day of classes and every day after that count.

Analicia Haynes is a sophomore journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].