Council to take action on alcohol and tobacco ordinances

Olivia Swenson-Hultz, Staff Reporter

The City Council will be taking action on amending numerous ordinances relating to alcohol at its meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Sixteen and 17-year-olds would be able to be employed in a non-liquor-related position in an establishment where alcohol is sold.

The council will also take action on amending the ordinance regarding selling tobacco to minors.

The amendment would regulate electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, according to Deborah Muller, Charleston city clerk.

The council, after being on file for public inspection, will vote on banning parking on the east side of Second Street from Taylor to Polk Avenue.

The ban came at the request of Eastern Illinois Properties, as they seek to patch up the grass beside Second Street to prevent further degradation.

The council will also be voting on resolutions authorizing the release of closed session meeting minutes and the destruction of audio and video recordings of closed sessions.

The council will also:

  • Vote on an intergovernmental agreement for a cooperative mosquito abandonment program between The City of Charleston and The Coles County Health Department.
  • Vote on a raffle license the VFW Men’s Auxiliary monthly drawings from July to December to raise funds for various charitable functions.

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