Paint wall allows stress-free fun


Molly Dotson

José Durbin, a senior political science major, slingshots a balloon with paint in it during the “Splat Zone” event Thurday in the south quad. This was a student government activity created to relieve stressed students.

Cassie Buchman, Associate News Editor

Multicolored balloons filled with water and paint flew across the South Quad, falling onto a white board as students took part in another “Paws and Relax for Finals Week” event.

The Student Government hosted the Splat! Zone Paint Wall in the South Quad, meant to provide students with some stress-free fun before Finals begin on Monday.

Many people came with friends to relax.

Participants threw the water balloons with their hands causing the balloons to explode with color onto the board,

A catapult was also provided to help them reach the board and to launch the balloons farther.

Everyone cheered as the balloons hit the board and helped each other out using the catapult. Some of the balloons fell behind the catapult, causing people to laugh and gasp with surprise. Other balloons flew through the sky, only to explode in mid-air, getting water droplets everywhere.

Members of the Student Government gave each other and participants tips and tricks on how to get the balloon farther and how to aim better.

Gabriella Ramirez, a sophomore history major, looked online for events to relieve stress to come up with the idea for a Paintwall.

People from Maintenance and Operations built the wall and the Student Government filled out the forms to rent out the South Quad.

She said the balloons were easy; however, as all they had to do was fill them with water and paint.

Samantha Barileau, a sophomore public relations major and a part of the external relations committee, said she came out to support other people in the Student Government.

“I figured this would be a really fun event, because it’s a nice day out to throw water balloons, relieve some stress,” Barileau said.

Barileau ended up breaking one of her nails when throwing a water balloon, but the event was still able to relieve her stress.

“(Throwing the balloon) is a little bit difficult, especially if you’re far away,” Barileau said. “You don’t realize how hard it is to throw the balloon without popping them.”

Shantel Hatcher a junior biological sciences major, was walking past the South Quad when she decided to join in the paintball wall.

She said she needed to de-stress before her Botany final, but throwing the balloons helped her relieve this stress.

“It was really hard, because (the balloons) kept falling and splashing everywhere,” Hatcher said.

Brandon Berglund, a junior English major who is also a student senator, said he was originally worried about the turnout, but seeing people flood into the event made him really happy.

He said as people came in groups and saw what was happening, they were encouraged to join in the fun.

“Seeing the balloons burst with water, you feel a little rush of joy,” Berglund said. “Like, Oh, I did that. It’s fun.”

Also fun is getting splashed with water, Berglund added.

Berglund said there is a 50-50 percent chance the balloons would blow up, but that is part of the fun.

Berglund helped a group of friends manage the catapult.

“You really just gotta do it and let go,” Berglund said. “Just let it go.”

Although throwing the balloons could be a challenge, Berglund said there is a positive side to missing the white board.

“It’s better when you mess up,” Berglund said. “You get a rush when you finally hit the board.”

The final event for “Paws and Relax for Finals Week” will be “Chill Out Before Finals” where free popsicles will be handed out from 11 to 7 p.m. in the Library Quad, and Smash Car, when students will smash cars from 5 to 7 p.m. in the 9th St. Underclassmen Parking Lot.


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