“GORE” not what to expect 

Abbey Whittington , Entertainment Editor

When I first heard my favorite band would be coming out with their new album, “GORE,” I was enthralled.

I was so excited and ready for a new melodic collection of alternative metal, however, when I listened to the first song I was surprised. 

My anticipation grew with every sneak peak post the band put on Instagram of the new album cover planned to come out on April 8. 

When I finally heard “GORE,” I realized the music group that became my favorite band in 2011 put out an album that I did not instantly fall in love with because it did not sound like the same Deftones.  

The first album I was introduced to was “Diamond Eyes” and everything from the loud, heavy base to lead vocalist, Chino Moreno’s mesmerizing and haunting voice had me in bliss.  

When the band released “Koi No Yokan” in 2012 I was extremely satisfied with the new music they had put out and was sure any future albums would be just as good.  

When I listened to the first song of the album, “Prayers/Triangles,” I heard the familiar heavy instrumentals, but lyrically the song was repetitive and boring.  

Usually Deftones gives a pretty balanced amount of heavy instrumentals along with screaming and singing but I think this was lost in the album. The transitions in instrumentals from light to heavy along with Moreno’s voice were very strange and choppy throughout each song. 

When there was good transition, the song would just lead back into the extremely repetitive chorus. Overall, the sounds of the album just clashed.  

As for the rest of the album, I think Moreno incorporated too much of the style from his other band Crosses and this took away from Deftones’ original sound.  

Crosses’ has a more alternative pop sound that is very different from Deftones’ heavy music.  

Don’t get me wrong, I still consider Deftones my favorite band and I can still listen to the album, I just feel like this new release cannot be put in comparison with the previous albums.  

“White Pony,” “Saturday Night Wrist” and “Around the Fur” are my three favorite albums and I was hoping the band would come out with something just as amazing.  

If there was a good thing to come out of the album, it would be that the band is going on tour and I can promise if they visit Illinois I will be there in support of their music.  

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